SYAM works every day to offer quality products and services to enable to work at height in complete safety.

This is our philosophy, our driving force…
and it is also a concept that we share with our entire Frénéhard & Michaux family:


Working at height is a matter of confidence.
Confidence in oneself, confidence in others, confidence in equipment and supplies.

At Frénéhard & Michaux, our first customers taught us this: roofers looking for reliable, safe and easy to use equipment at height.

Then, with the evolution of construction techniques, came the facade builders, waterproofers, roofers, painters and all the building professionals.

Today, it is also manufacturers with their specific lifting and maintenance needs at height who rely on our expertise.

Over time, security requirements have evolved, as have the range of our products and services. Safe ways of accessing, moving and working at height are now at the centre of our activities.

We have designed a comprehensive and coherent range of solutions that cover the needs of professionals, at all levels, at all heights.

At the same time, we continue to serve our historical markets with metal products for roofers and facade builders.

Trust cannot be decreed, it must be earned, day after day.

Our mission is to provide the advice, tools, equipment and supplies to
approach working at height safely and with confidence.



Our solutions

Every day, thousands of people rely on our products to access, move, and work at height.

This trust motivates us.

It always guides our projects and decisions.

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our solutions


  • 1 Audit, consultancy, design, training, rental, installation, and follow-up
  • 2 Steps, stepladders, PIRL
  • 3 Ladders and roof ladders
  • 4 Material lifts
  • 5 Fixed, rolling, bracketed and umbrella scaffolding
  • 6 Safety ladders
  • 7 Gangways and jumping jacks
  • 8 Skylight guards
  • 9 Fixed and mobile anchors, lifelines
  • 10 Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 11 Temporary guardrails on roofs and slopes
  • 12 Permanent railings on flat roofs and balconies