Easy to use and durable, the adjustable anchor strap allows to create a temporary anchor around a host structure to connect a fall arrest system. It can also be used to create a flexible link between the SYAM and the SYAM +SPSYAM +SP


  • Various lengths available
  • Tension resistance
  • Adaptable to different supports


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5 to 10 metres long, it adapts to the different configurations of the intervention sites and allows freedom of movement. In addition, the ratchet tensioner and screw connectors make installation and adjustment quick and easy. With a width of 30 mm, it is designed to withstand a maximum load of 9 Kn horizontally and 18 Kn in static strength.

Because of its ease of use and strength, the adjustable anchor strap will make it easier to move around and save time when working at height.


  • Length of the strap: 5 or 10 metres
  • Maximum load transmitted horizontally to the structure: 9 Kn
  • Anchor strap width 30 mm
  • Maximum deflection capacity 10 m: 400 mm
  • Static strength >18 kN
  • Can be used between -30°C and +50°C
  • Sharp angle radius: 0.5KN
  • Easily transportable


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