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About us 

We are committed in prevention of occupational risks and more particularly in prevention of falls from height. 


SYAM designs and manufactures a large range series of personal protective equipment.

We also market the equipments and offers training courses.


The SYAM is a mobile anchor system which that solves a recurring problem namely : Where do I attach myself to be safe ?


Transportable in a backpack, the SYAM is very easily installed. In less that one minute, one or two operators can attached themselves without risk of fall when working at height ( the anchor always being located above the user).


As there is no pressure on the ceiling, it can be used in any type of ceilings ( rooms with suspended or stretch ceilings for instance). The SYAM leaves no traces on the site and requires no drilling or causes no damage.


Reassuring, it resists more that 12 kN and allows to work with both hands free. No need to stand with one hand to work with the other ! Operators are gaining comfort and efficiency; The SYAM becomes a real working tool.


If the SYAM achieves unanimity among users, it is mainly thanks to the training course provided by the distributor (on site). This exchange time is harnessed to warn about risky behaviour and improve practices. 


SYAM  is the exclusive dealer in France.  

The SYAM is also marketed in several countries in Europe, South America and Asia but we are always looking for new partners in different countries. If you want to join our network, please Contact us !